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  • Tujind
    Sep 07,  · Raaaaaaaain I don't mind Shiiiiiiine The weather's fine Chords used: C x C9 x D xx G RAIN by The Beatles this is an acoustivc version. if you want the sound of the actual song.
  • Arashikora
    Sep 07,  · Mission In The Rain Reflections (Garcia/Hunter) Last Updated 09/07/04 Intro. F#m Bm C# F#m F#m C# Em G I turn and walk away then I come 'round again D A C# F#m It looks as though tomorrow I'll do pretty much the same.
  • Brahn
    Tuning: eADGBE (standard) Capo - 2nd Fret Chords used: Am x C x Dm xx F Em G E7 C Em If you ever leave me baby.
  • Goltilrajas
    Chord Kunci Gitar The Rain - Dengar Bisikku. Intro: G G Kadang aku berpikir Am dapatkah kita terus coba C Mendayung perahu kita G menyatukan ingin kita.
  • Yonris
    Chords used: C- Am G F Dm Em Intro- C, F, C, F, Am, G, F Verse 1 C F Take a photograph C F it'll be the last C Am G F not a dollar or a crowd could ever keep me here C F I don't have a past C F I just have a chance C Am G F not a family or honest plea remains to say (Chorus) C Dm Rain Rain go away F Come again another day .
  • Mikak
    Chord Kunci Gitar The Rain - Gagal Bersembunyi. Intro: C.. G.. Am G C.. G.. Am.. G.. C Am Dm G hei apa kabarmu jauh di sana F.
  • Mikora
    Jul 14,  · [Verse] Em A D G Woke up this morning, can't shake the thunder from last night Em A Bm B7 You left with no warning and took the summer from my life Em A D G I gave you my everything, now my.
  • Fenrijas
    LyricalChord is here with Tribal Rain's Bhanai Lyrics and Guitar Chords along with guitar tabs. Now sing along your guitar.
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