Heavy Metal

Before You Say Anything, Small Talk Kills Me - Calika - Small Talk Kills Me (CD)

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  • Tezil
    Nov 25,  · So,before you go,was there something I could have said to make it all stop hurting It kills me how your mind can make you feel so worthless oh Before you go Was never the right time whenever you.
  • Arashira
    Bitch I'm takin' calls, no small talk [x8] [Verse 2] Three cellphones and I still don't ever text 'em Catch me out in public, and you know I'm flexing He saying that he got connections, Imma.
  • Godal
    That you chose to say There were only 3 that held any weight The rest was all just small talk Lust, I hate it I guess it’s what you make it Now it’s said with past tense For the sake of moving past this Breaking in to me Tell it how you think it’s going to be I’ll bite back with broken teeth So helpless I can’t help this I sense Your.
  • Malazahn
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  • Gardakinos
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  • Mikacage
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  • Akir
    Re-recorded versions of two songs that originally appeared on the "Why March When You Can Riot" compilation (Aberrant). Recorded at Sound Barrier Studio. Comes with insert containing credits and lyrics. Track titles are printed in all lowercase on the release, as was the group's practice with all of their songs.
  • Kigakus
    We kiss like shadows and talk in the night air. To thick for breath so it feels like we're drowning. We gave it color we filled up our lungs with filetered smoke we're exhausted from lying. We start with small talk but we know that it's not so. We take our time cause it feels like we're.
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